Rogerio Boccato Quarteto – the ‘After Bossa Nova’ project

Here with the ‘After Bossa Nova‘ project, Rogerio leads a stellar quartet through some of the lesser-known pieces by the greatest among the post-Bossa Nova generation of Brazilian composers, such as Toninho Horta, Egberto Gismonti, Milton Nascimento and Edu Lobo. The group’s approach to their material revolves around openness and interaction, using the motifs of each song as a springboard for instant group compositions, or as they like to call it, to collectively “recompose” the songs on the bandstand. It is a fresh and ever-changing approach to Post-Bossa Nova music.

Duluth masterclass

Nando Michelin (piano), Jay Anderson (bass) and Dan Blake (saxophones)

Please, check out some videos and audio of this project below:


A live recording of “Cravo e Canela” (Milton Nascimento) from our concert at UoM, Duluth:

Istmo Trio

Featuring Mexican singer Magos Herrera, Brazilian accordionist Vitor Gonçalves, and Brazilian percussionist Rogerio Boccato, the Istmo Trio brings multiple influences together to create a new and original sound. Using rhythms and repertory from all over the Americas, this Brazilian-Mexican team dives deeply into a musical landscape that is at times improvised and always an adventure. Starting with the unique instrumentation, the trio strives to discover timbres and textures, creating beautiful combinations, and interacting on a high level, while always staying true to the roots of their music.

Istmo Trio has had amazing artists as special guests, such as the great Edmar Castañeda, Colombian harpist virtuoso, featured on the video below.

Jean Rohe & Rogerio Boccato Duo

Vocalist Jean Rohe and percussionist Rogerio Boccato met for the first time in 2008 as Jean was about to embark on her first trip to Rogerio’s homeland, Brazil, but it wasn’t until 2010 that they began to make music together. Their love of Brazilian music and rhythms, along with a curiosity about the possibilities for a voice and percussion pairing led them to experiment with a duo project. With Brazil and its many rhythms as a jumping off point, they uncovered a repertoire ranging from original songs to traditional melodies, the Beatles to Jobim. A truly collaborative venture, their performance is sure to delight with its imaginative twists and turns, and playful improvisations.